3 Steps To Take To Adopt A Child Through The Hague Convention

Posted on: 12 May 2016

The Hague Convention is a treaty that works to prevent the exploitation of children internationally. It also provides a path for adoption of a child from another country. If you are considering using the Convention to adopt a child, here are some of the steps you must take. 

Select an Adoption Service Provider

To adopt a child using the Convention, you must work with an adoption service provider. The provider is your advocate throughout the adoption process and helps you complete all of the tasks necessary to adopt a child. 

Adoption service providers assisting in the process must be accredited by the State Department. You can contact the agency to get an approved list of providers available in your area. 

Complete and Submit Form I-800A

Of the steps to adopt a foreign-born child through the Convention, completing and submitting Form I-800A might be one of the most important. The Application for Determination of Suitability to Adopt a Child, or Form I-800A, is a background check authorization. 

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, conducts the background check. In addition to completing the form, you also have to submit to fingerprinting. If you successfully pass the background check, you will receive authorization to select a country from which to adopt.

Apply for a Visa

After you select a country, a child will be matched to you and your family. It is your responsibility to apply for a visa for the child. The visa is the first step in gaining citizenship for your adopted child. 

The application must be submitted to the U.S. Embassy in the country in which your adopted child is living. 

It is important to note that the child is not guaranteed approval for a visa. There are a number of potential issues that could prevent your child from receiving a visa. To lower the risk of this happening, rely on an immigration attorney to help complete and submit the visa application. 

If the application is approved, the child will still need to undergo an interview at the embassy before final approval is given. You have to appear with the child, and you will need to provide all of your adoption documentation that you have received up to this point. 

Due to the complexities of adopting a child through the Hague Convention, many prospective parents work with both an immigration attorney and a family law attorney. If you do, both professionals can work together to bring your adopted child home. 


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