4 Questions About Family Immigration Laws

Posted on: 7 December 2022

Are you an immigrant that is currently living in the United States and are looking for legal assistance to help you stay in the country? If so, you likely have some questions about what a family immigration lawyer can do for you. 

What Options Are There To Stay In The Country?

A lawyer will help look at your specific circumstances to determine what your options are to stay in the country. For example, you may be married to a permanent US citizen and be able to stay in the country. If you legally entered the country and overstayed your visa, a family member that is a US citizen can petition for you to stay in the country. Other than that, many options involve you leaving the country and coming back, which is not going to be ideal for you.  

What Is An Immigration Waiver?

There are laws that prevent someone from staying in the country based on how long they have been living there illegally. In general, the longer a person is in the country will result in a longer time being barred from re-entering the country. The only way to get around this is with an immigration waiver. 

You can apply for an immigration waiver and show that being unable to enter the country is going to be detrimental to yourself in some way. A common reason to apply for an immigration waiver is if you have a family that is legally allowed to be in the country, but you have to return to your home country. The immigration waiver still requires you to return to your home country, but if approved, you will bypass any waiting period you have due to being in the United States illegally and be able to return.

Can Your Employer Help You Stay In The Country?

Another option you can use to stay in the country is through your employer. If you are providing value to your employer, they have the option to petition on your behalf so that you can stay in the country. While an employer is not legally required to sponsor petitions, it's a potential option if you are at risk of returning to your home country and your employer doesn't want to lose you. 

Do You Need A Family Immigration Lawyer?

Having a family immigration lawyer on your side is going to give you the legal assistance that you need to continue living in the country. They are familiar with the laws and have experience with other immigration cases, which gives you the best shot at a positive outcome. If you do not want to return to your home country, it is worth looking for the help of a lawyer.


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